2015 v-ball champs

To register have your team captain contact Mark Yandt at director@camp-connections.org. Have your team name ready! The cost is $30.00 per person which includes lunch on Sunday at the tournament. Registration fees should be collected by the team captain and forwarded to Mark Yandt on Saturday afternoon or dropped off at the registration desk by 10:00am Sunday morning at the tournament.
Weekend Schedule
3:00 pm - Church
5:00 pm - Captains meeting
6:00 pm - Pot luck dinner
8:30 - Doors open
8:45 - Welcome address, O-Canada, and opening prayer
9:00 - Tournament starts (Schedules will be available at church on Saturday)
11:45 - 1:00 - Lunch
4:00 - Closing ceremonies and awards presentations
Captains Meeting
For all captains, referees, volunteers and other interested parties! Please join us after services on Saturday for a brief but important meeting to review the registration process, the tournament schedule, tips on lining, scoring and refereeing games and a few rule clarifications.
Tournament Format
The tournament will take on a ladder format as it did last year. To recap from last year, teams are ranked 1-12 before the tournament begins. Teams ranked 1-4 will start in tier 1, teams ranked 5-8 in tier 2, teams ranked 9-12 in tier 3. Teams will play 2 sets to 15 or until time is up, against each team in their tier in the morning and at lunch will be ranked within their tier. The top ranked teams in tiers 2 and 3 will move up and the bottom ranked teams in tiers 1 and 2 will move down and then round robin play will resume in the afternoon. The winners of tier 1 in the afternoon will be the tournament champs. The runners up in tier 1 will be the tournament runners up. There is also an award for the biggest mover of the day. That is the team whose ranking at the end of the afternoon has improved the most since the pre-tournament ranking. Last year, the biggest mover improved their ranking by 2 spots...this is a challenging feat. A sportsmanship award will also be presented. It will go to the team that most effectively and consistently demonstrates the Christian values that we aspire to on the court. Team unity, fair play, team spirit, interaction with opponents and punctuality when playing and scoring will all be taken into consideration.
Rules, Rules, Rules
1) In tiers 1 and 2, at least 2 girls must be on the court at all times.
2) Nets will be set to junior men's height and guys will be allowed to attack in the front row.
3) Guys cannot block girls. Any joust (opposing players touching the ball at the same time above the net) between a guy and a girl will automatically result in a point for the girls team.
4) Girls can block guys and girls can of course be blocked by other girls.
5) Any part of the net except the tape may be touched during play without infraction.
6) Players may step on the center line but not completely over.
7) In tier 3 there is a 5 serve rule. In tiers 1 and 2 a server may continue serving until a point is won by the receiving team.