Instructions to all Prospective Staff

Thank you for your interest in building into the next generation. It is a true privilege to partner with each other in this ministry and work together to show campers what Christianity is all about. Below is the staff application which all Camp Connections staff must complete in order to be considered for a volunteer position during camp this summer. This application is the first step in the hiring process and allows us to collect your contact and health related information so that we can ensure a safe Camp experience for all. It also includes a conduct agreement which outlines the expectations of all staff members while volunteering with Camp Connections. Staff applications will be reviewed and the most qualified applicants will be contacted by May 1st for a phone interview. This interview will take about 15 minutes and will give camp administration an opportunity to ask you questions about how you might approach certain topics with campers, find out what skills and qualifications you have and will give you the opportunity to ask us about what your role at camp might look like. After the interview, successful applicants will be notified by email and details about staff training will be provided. All staff must complete online training. Staff members will be given a username and password to log into the staff training portion of the website and complete the necessary training modules. These must be completed by June 15th. The last step of the process is on site training upon arrival at camp which occurs in the 1-2 days prior to the camp session for which you will be volunteering. Welcome to the team!

Part 1A: Personal Information

If you are willing to be a driver to take campers to the waterskiing venue etc. we require this information to conduct a 3-year driver's abstract with the Ministry of Transportation (Ontario) before driving campers.

Which session are you interested in volunteering at?

Part 1B: Health Information

Part 1C: Certifications & Qualifications

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Part 1D: Signature

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Section 2: Staff Conduct Agreement

This section includes: Alcohol and Drug Policy, Sex Offender Registry Check Policy, and Internet Communication Policy. Please read the following information carefully, complete and sign the form, then return the form to Camp Administration. Please note that all counselors, volunteers, and administrators are considered staff members of Camp Connections and as such are bound by this conduct agreement.

Part 2A: Camp Connections (CC) Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our Vision: Camp Connections will provide youth the opportunity to enter into or continue building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (John 12:32). Our Mission: Camp Connections will pursue its vision by maintaining a patient, encouraging and Christ centered Camp culture which, through the Camp program, will help build confident, humble individuals and strong leaders. The atmosphere at Camp will facilitate the building of lasting relationships among staff and campers. Our Strategy: This will be accomplished by nurturing a sustainable annual Camp program which demonstrates Christian values in everyday life through teaching, new and exciting activities, and mental and physical challenges. Camp Connections will be made available at as low a cost as possible while ensuring the sustainable financial standing of Camp and the continuing growth and development of the human resources that make Camp a reality. As a member of the CC Staff it is your responsibility to act in accordance with CC’s Vision, Mission & Strategy which means supporting campers throughout their time at Camp, working cooperatively with other Camp personnel and following all Camp policies, safety rules/procedures and directions from Camp Administration. Prior to acceptance as a potential staff candidate, applicants will receive a telephone interview from the Camp Chaplain to afford you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of our vision and ability to put it into practical application.

Part 2B: Alcohol and Drug Policy

Drinking alcohol and/or engaging in illicit drug use while at camp is prohibited. As a CC staff member your primary commitment during Camp is to the safety and wellbeing of the campers under your supervision. This is a 24 hour responsibility that requires you to be sober and aware at all times. Drinking or using drugs on or off campgrounds affects your ability to respond to the needs of your campers and puts the entire Camp community at risk. You will be in violation of the drug and alcohol policy if you: a) Have drugs or alcohol in your possession on camp grounds. b) Consume alcohol or engage in illicit drug use on camp grounds. c) If you leave camp and return intoxicated. d) If you have drugs or alcohol anywhere “in, on, or anywhere near” you. e) If you purchase alcohol or drugs for minors. Please note that purchasing drugs and/or alcohol for a minor is also a violation of federal and provincial law. If a volunteer violates this clause of the drug and alcohol policy the camp administration may be forced to involve law enforcement. The Camp Connections leadership is committed to this alcohol and illicit drug policy. Violation of this policy will result in termination of the work/volunteer experience.

Part 2C: Sex Offender Registry Check Policy

Serving as a staff member requires working with vulnerable populations. In compliance with The Plan to Protect of Grace Communion International, and Camp standards, names of all Camp staff will be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry in order to protect our camper participants. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the applicant pool.

Part 2D: Internet Communication Policy

We know that the Internet, when used wisely, provides many safe ways to stay in touch and communicate with your friends from Camp. We view Internet venues as your right to self-expression and generally regard them in a positive light. However, once you identify yourself as a Camp employee/volunteer in a social networking profile, website, group page, or weblog; or use the Camp name or logo, we require you, as a condition of employment/volunteer status at Camp, to observe the guidelines below. Once said identification has been made, even if you do not intend to speak on behalf of CC, and even if you state otherwise, the general public may see you as an ambassador or spokesperson of Camp. These guidelines have been established to ensure that all camp staff, employees, campers, volunteers, and families enjoy an emotionally and physically safe environment. If any of the guidelines outlined in this measure are violated, it may result in disciplinary and/or legal action and/or termination of your employment/volunteer status. As a camp employee/volunteer, you must request and receive prior written approval from CC before you… a) Use the CC name or official CC logo or any photograph taken at & during Camp online; b) Add a link to the official CC website; c) Include text or photographs that are the property of CC; d) Or create a Camp “group page” with the above items… As a CC staff member you must agree to be respectful of Camp, its program, the campers and staff members in all of my online communications. You must NOT: a) Use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language. b) Engage in harassment or intimidation. c) Post comments that are derogatory with regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability; d) Engage in sexually explicit, suggestive, humiliating or demeaning comments.

Part 2E: Staff Conduct Agreement Signature

In signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the CC Vision, Mission & Strategy, the Alcohol and Drug policy, the Sex Offender Registry Check Policy, and the Internet Communication Policy. In addition, I acknowledge that the Camp Connections leadership will take every reasonable precaution to minimize exposure to known risks, however, there may be risk of injury and stress during camp participation and certain dangers and accidents may occur. I recognize and acknowledge that Camp Connections does not carry medical insurance or professional liability insurance covering my work during my assigned period at Camp. As a participant I acknowledge the nature of the camp and hereby release, acquit and forever discharge Camp Connections, its officers and directors, Friends of Camp Connections and its members, Grace Communion International and its employees, the agents and insurers of each of them from any and all claims, responsibility of liability of any kind whether arising from injury or damage which may be sustained as a result of my participation in the program. In addition, I agree to defend and indemnify Camp Connections, its officers and directors, Friends of Camp Connections and its members, Grace Communion International and its employees, the agents and insurers of each of them against any and all manner of actions, claims, demands, damages, liability or expense of any kind which may have been incurred or have arisen by reason of my participation in the program. I agree to devote my time for a period of one or more weeks as a volunteer or staff member in connection with the organized camp program sponsored by Camp Connections. No compensation will be paid for this volunteered service other than room and board. I agree that Camp Connections and Friends of Camp Connections may take pictures of me as I participate in usual camp activities and that the pictures may be used for promotional and educational purposes, in printed materials, on the CC website, and in other media as deemed proper by Camp Connections and Friends of Camp Connections.