Registration Instructions
If you are registering for multiple camp sessions, please complete and submit each application separately. **If registering someone who is 12 years old, you may choose to enroll for either Junior or Senior camp or both. 
Family Camp 
Please use the "Family Camp" button to register the parent/guardian who will be the primary contact. Then use the "Register Another Participant for Family Camp" button for each other member attending Family Camp with you (adults or children). Thank you!
Junior Camp
Please click the "Junior Camp" button below to register. For the 3 day Junior Day-Camp option please click the "Register for Junior Day-Camp" button. We encourage all families to consider registering for the full junior camp program. It is stretching but very worth while!
Senior Camp
Please click the "Senior Camp" button below to register.
Leaders In Training
Please click the "Leaders in Training" button below to apply. There is no payment required to complete this application. The LIT application includes questions that the applicant should answer on their own. These answers will help LIT staff to learn about applicants so that they can customize the program. The first round of applications will be reviewed after the Feb. 15th early registration deadline. Another round of applications will be reviewed after every subsequent deadline (March 1, April 1) until the program is full. The strongest applicants will be notified immediately after each review that their applications have been successful. If an applicant is not notified immediately, their application will be considered again at each subsequent review. In April, LIT staff will contact all remaining applicants regarding the state of their application. Payment instructions will be provided to applicants upon confirmation of a successful application.  Applicants under the age of 18 are asked to fill out the application with a parent/guardian.