1. Camper Information

Oops! We've noticed that your age doesn't fall within the range for Junior Camp (ages 7-11). Since you've indicated you're older than 11, please go back and register for Senior Camp. 

Oops! We've noticed that your age doesn't fall within the range for Junior Camp (ages 7-11). If you will be turning 7 before camp, please ignore this message and continue with the registration.  

2. Camper Health Information

3. Registration Fees

Includes: food, lodging and Camp shirt. Excludes: transportation to and from Camp
Full price registration fee

4. Bursary Application

At Camp Connections, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience camp. That's why we established Friends of Camp Connections (FOCC) - a registered Canadian Charity (BN#859926289RR0001) that raises funds annually to help subsidize the costs of camp. In addition to the discounts listed above, FOCC accepts applications for additional funding assistance from those who feel that the costs of sending someone to camp are beyond their reach. If you wish to complete a Bursary Application for additional financial assistance, please select "Yes, I would like to complete a Bursary Application" below to open the additional fields. The FOCC Board of Directors reviews the applications and awards funding based on individual circumstances.
Bursary Eligibility: Please read carefully before completing the application below.

Applications for financial assistance will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Age: Applicants for camp scholarship must be between 7 and 18 years of age.

Financial need: The applicant and the applicant’s sponsor must be unable to afford the full camp fee. Applicants that can show they are willing to work hard to save up or raise funds to cover a portion of the registration fee will be more likely to receive assistance. Personal initiative will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

It is important that the sponsor and the applicant attempt to take advantage of the guaranteed subsidies offered by Camp Connections such as the FOCC early registration subsidy or the bring a friend discount. This shows that the applicant is trying their best to afford the opportunity to come to camp.

Personal desire: The applicant should indicate why they would like to attend camp. We will be looking for a desire to be personally affected by camp attendance. While applicants need not be of the same religious background as Camp Connections (i.e. Christian), they must indicate their willingness to participate fully in all camp activities including those of spiritual nature.

Extenuating Circumstances: Another consideration will be whether someone is experiencing some form of life crisis (depression, family problems, etc.) which give extenuating circumstances and which creates a need for camp as an assist toward regaining balance in life.

5. Parental Consent and Photo Release

Please be informed that many photos are taken during Camp; some of these photos may be used on our webpage, or in Grace Communion International publications. Generally campers are not identified by name. We cannot guarantee a group photo including your applicant will not be used. Camp Connections may use any photos and videos taken that include the applicant at any Camp Connections event in its publications or those of its sponsors, Generations Camp Ministry, Grace Communion International and Friends of Camp Connections.

6. Parental Consent and Camp Connections Release

I/We recognize the risks of physical and aquatic activities. I am/We are satisfied with the precautions taken for the health and safety of my child at Camp. I/We covenant not to sue and to release, indemnify and save and hold harmless, Grace Communion International, the Camp Connections Camp Planning Team, all their affiliated organizations and boards of trustees or directors, officers, agents and employees, and Camp counselors or helpers, from and against claims or suits brought against the Church or camp based upon or resulting from material, moral or bodily injuries sustained by or arising out of, or in the course of, attendance at Camp.

7. Applicant Code of Conduct Declaration

As a Camper, I will strive towards conduct as defined by Jesus Christ in the two great commandments, “love towards God, and love towards neighbour.” I understand that the expectations at Camp include being respectful and cooperative, reflecting modesty in dress and appearance as appropriate for the activity, abstaining from pairing off, sexual activity, offensive language, possession or use of intoxicants, or illegal drugs. I understand that I am expected to participate fully in all activities, unless exempted by camp administration. I understand that I am to wear appropriate clothing for the activities, as outlined on the camp web-site. I understand that failing to abide by the rules and standards of the Camp can result in my being sent home at the expense of my family.

8. Health Insurance and Liability Waiver

Without exception, all campers must bring their provincial health card (or equivalent if visiting from outside of Canada) to Camp with them. Applicant must be covered by Provincial Health Insurance or equivalent medical insurance. The Camp program requires campers to engage in a wide range of physical activities. Good health and fitness are important. Precautions are taken for the safety and health of campers, but in the event of accident or sickness, Grace Communion International, its staff, and its volunteers are hereby released from any liability.

9. Medical Issues and Administration of Medication

By law, the administration of medication, including over-the-counter medication (such as Tylenol and Aspirin) to campers or personnel 18 or under MUST be approved by a legal guardian, and administered by the appointed Camp health personnel. In the event that a camper requires medical attention while at Camp, on site first aid personnel will asses the situation and deal with minor injuries, including the administering of over-the-counter medications when deemed appropriate. In the event of a medical emergency, or other health issue deemed to require further medical attention, the situation will be referred to the local hospital or clinic. The parent/guardian will be notified immediately of any serious medical issues including the need for special medication, x-rays, or other serious treatments.

10. Sign and Submit